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MHA Young Leader
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Cyn Gómez (they/them, he/his) is a second-year studying at the University of California, Berkeley, they hope to study Social Welfare with minors in Spanish and Race & Law. Additionally, Cyn aspires to be a Civil Rights Litigator and Congressperson in the future. Cyn seeks to do this work in order to have people like them in a position to make a difference and truly advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+, Latine, low-income people. Right now, they are a part of the ASUC, serve as a commissioner on homelessness to the city of Berkeley, and serve as a member of the non-profit organization, Tangible Movement. Cyn is a non-binary person that wants to make a difference in areas from mental health to LGBTQ+ issues because they believe the only way to make real change is through understanding that issues are not independent of one another; an intersectional approach to change-making is essential to make a real impact.