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Runaway App and MHA College Leader
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Satvik Sethi is a 22-year-old mental health activist and social entrepreneur on a journey to make the world happier. Originally from New Delhi, India, Satvik currently lives and works in New York. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Runaway, a social venture promoting mental health awareness and helping those in need of emotional support. Runaway has been featured by UNICEF, World Health Organization, Vice, etc. Satvik also serves as an Independent Expert Advisor at Wellcome Trust UK to guide research and policy development for youth mental health.

Satvik was the winner of the mPower Award 2020 by Mental Health America and has been featured on the 25 Under 25 Social Entrepreneurs List by Impaction and Culture Media Co. He has been recognized as 1 of 8 Inspiring Mental Health Youth Activists by Mashable, and 1 of 15 Students Changing Collegiate Mental Health by Mental Health America for the impact he has created through his passionate advocacy.