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How Crayons Saved My Life: Art & Recovery

By Amanda Lipp, Founder & CEO of The Giving Gallery

When I was 18 years old, I experienced psychosis during college and went through an experience that I now consider to be the ‘internship of my life’: becoming a patient at a…Read More

Ten to Twenty Percent of New Moms Experience Postpartum Depression: Why Should Employers Care?

By Carole Mendoza, IBM Director of Global Health Benefits and Well-being Strategy, and Board Member, 2020 Mom

Pregnancy and childbirth are often an exciting, happy time in a family’s life…Read More

6 Things to Know About Self-Injury

For Non-Suicidal Self Injury:

1. It is not done to get attention or be dramatic 
Individuals that hurt themselves often try to hide their behaviors, because they are ashamed. These behaviors are most often…Read More

7 Important Facts About Eating Disorders

1. They are serious mental illnesses.
original image:…Read More

8 Things You Should Know About Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

1. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a serious mental illness.

Read More

Ideas for Building a Healthy Self-Image and Improving Self-Esteem

1. Start small – Take it one step at a time

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The Key to Breaking Mental Health Stigma: Online Education

By Marjorie Morrison, CEO & President of Psych Hub

Through my four years as CEO and founder of PsychArmor, I learned firsthand how to create a movement through online learning. As I looked deeper into issues that veterans face, the…Read More

How a bike exchange in Honolulu supports community mental health

By Christine Williams and Wil Crary

Every day at 3:30pm, young men in a neighborhood near downtown Honolulu participate in a culture circle at the Kalihi Valley Instructional Bike Exchange (KVIBE), where they learn how to repair bikes.…Read More