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3 tips if you're facing housing insecurity

We live in a country where individuals who are unhoused are not often given the dignity they deserve. Between discriminatory anti-homeless laws, lack of funding for social services, and overall high cost of living – the ability to live in a home that…Read More

Youth take charge to improve mental health and housing pressure

When Rei Scott found himself in an unsafe living situation that severely impacted his mental health, he went to a mental health emergency center to seek help. Instead of connecting him to a housing program, he was woken up in the middle of the night…Read More

Expert tips to make your home mentally healthy

During Mental Health Month, we’re exploring how our surroundings impact our mental health. This blog dives into healthy home environments and how everyone can benefit from optimizing their spaces to improve personal mental health. But what does that…Read More

Through the eyes of a kid, what is it like growing up in a food desert?

Authors note to readers: When using the word “obesity,” I use quotes as a matter of public health. The word “obesity” and the phrase “childhood obesity” are grossly overused and widely misused as a label to suggest poor or inadequate health, or –…Read More

4 things that can improve your community's mental health

Danté Golden, Senior Director of Policy at the San Diego Housing Federation and a graduate of MHA’s Read More

Outdoor self-care: How to get a free U.S. national parks Access Pass as a person with a psychiatric disability

While I was scrolling on Instagram one day, my friend with type 1 diabetes posted about visiting the U.S. national parks for free, for life, with an Access Pass. That got me thinking: Would I be eligible for an Access Pass because of my psychiatric…Read More

5 ideas for building youth-centered mental health programs

Youth mental health programs greatly impact the outcomes of struggling young people, but far too often, youth voices are shut out of the design. Last year, Margo Quinlan, director of youth and older adult policy at the…Read More