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By Casey Dillon, Advocacy Associate

This year was really big for Mental Health America! Take a look at what made 2015 so successful.

1.      #B4Stage4

This year, all of MHA’s messaging focused around our #B4Stage4 philosophy – that mental health conditions should be treated long before they reach a crisis stage.


2.      Green Tutus

Did you know that lime green is the color for mental health awareness? Our green tutus are always a hit at outreach events!


3.      Mental Health Month

Our #B4Stage4-themed public education & awareness campaign during May reached more than 19 million people!


4.      Annual Conference

The 2015 Conference, held in Alexandria, VA, brought together MHA affiliates, peers, legislators, advocates, and other mental health professionals. Don’t miss the 2016 Conference!


5.      The State of Mental Health in America

MHA released our second annual “State of Mental Health in America” report. The report ranks states based on prevalence of mental health issues and access to mental health care for policy and program planning, analysis, and evaluation.


6.      Policy Work on Capitol Hill

MHA has spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill, where we advocate for prevention for all, early identification and intervention for those at risk, integrated health, behavioral health and other services for those who need them, and recovery as a goal.


7.      Screening

This year, more than 500,000 screens were completed on

Thank you for supporting Mental Health America! If you’d like to contribute to a great 2016, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

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