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Kat’s lived experience of bipolar disorder and early trauma has shaped her approach in advocating for inclusive, intersectional, and multi-disciplinary approaches when developing policies and systems within service-centered institutions. As the Manager of Peer, Advocacy and Support Services at Mental Health America, she helps in updating the Center for Peer Support site with new research, resources, and content as well as assists in creating and launching the online platform for Peer Partners.

Kat also advocates for persons living with mental health conditions locally and internationally in her position as Deputy Representative for the Americas/Executive Committee Member for Trinidad and Tobago with the Global Mental Health Peer Network. She has also served in various capacities in several government and civic societies working on various human rights issues.

She is passionate about encouraging society to see individuals through a trauma lens particularly as it pertains to the LGBTQIA+ community and persons of African descent. She is also committed to understanding how digital development can enrich the lives of those with mental health conditions. Kat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Caribbean Nazarene College with concentrations in psychology and counselling and early childhood care education.

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