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Press Credentialing Guidelines: 2015 Annual Conference

Thank you for your interest in covering the MHA 2015 Annual Conference, Intervention and Innovation before Stage 4.  The event is being held at the Hilton Mark Center at 5000 Seminary Road in Alexandria, Virginia. The conference begins at 12:15 p.m. on June 3, 2015 and concludes at 1 p.m. on Friday, June 5, 2015. This is a private meeting of MHA. The granting of media credentials for the meeting is at the sole discretion of the Communications and Marketing Department of MHA.

Please note the following guidelines and media credentialing policies for MHA’s 2015 Annual Conference:

Press Badges

Only individuals who are working for and representing a recognized news organization may register as press. To receive a press badge, working journalists must provide identification such as a business card, letter of assignment and/or published samples of bylined work. All freelance journalists must provide a letter of assignment on company letterhead from an editor of a recognized news organization certifying you are covering the annual conference for the organization. 

Press badges are available only to working journalists who can show evidence that their attendance will result in coverage of the conference. MHA reserves the right to limit the number of press badges issued to a single media organization. Any press badge holder who sells, markets or represents a company or organization for the purpose of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any meeting registrant or exhibitor immediately forfeits press credentials.

A press badge allows media to attend all conference plenary sessions and seminars. It must be obtained before attending news briefings, plenary sessions and seminars, and worn at all times while attending conference events. A press badge is not to be shared. Registration fees for working press are waived, but all meals are excluded. Ticketed events, meeting presentations, seminars and plenary sessions are part of the meeting and offered for the benefit of MHA conference participants. MHA asks media not to pose questions to presenters during these events.

Photography and Video

Journalists wishing to videotape or photograph presentations must register at the MHA Registration Table. Television crews, documentary film crews, video crews and photographers covering the meeting are required to check in immediately at Registration each day and must be badged onsite at all times. Shooting schedules and on-camera interview requests must be arranged in advance with the MHA Communications and Marketing Department.  As a courtesy to presenters, television and video crews, photographers, and radio reporters must obtain permission from MHA, speaker and moderator before recording or filming panel discussions. *Please note that video and/or audio recording is prohibited for the closing luncheon on June 5, 2015 with Glennon Doyle Melton.

Journalists interested in registering as media should contact MHA’s Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, Erin Wallace at, (571) 319-9594. Any journalists interested in an in-person or on-camera interview with MHA leadership, conference plenary or panel speakers must contact Erin Wallace in advance.