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Mental Health America wants to hear your story. How has MHA or an MHA affiliate helped you? What experiences have you had with accessing or receiving care or treatment? How has mental health impacted you and your loved ones? What does life with a mental illness feel like?

MHA will use your stories to inform our awareness and advocacy efforts. However, we won't publish your story or use your name without your express permission. If you don't give any contact information, your story will help let us know what is working - and sometimes what isn't.

Please note, MHA staff are not counselors and cannot respond to mental health needs or give therapy or advice.

We would like to be able to contact you about this story. If you are interested in hearing from our staff or volunteers, please leave any information you are comfortable with below. We will not use your story without your permission.
If your story involves a local MHA Affiliate and you would like us to share information with that affiliate, please enter the name of the affiliate below.