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Workplace Mental Health Toolkit

According to MHA’s Mind the Workplace 2022 report, 78% of workers agree that workplace stress affects their mental health, and 7 in 10 workers find it difficult to concentrate at work. This stress can negatively impact workers’ well- being, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. With Walgreens’ support, MHA created an easy-to-follow toolkit for all levels of an organization to help support employee mental health and well-being.

Learn how employers and people leaders can develop or improve workplace policies that uplift workers, ensure they are valued and heard, and improve an organization’s overall culture of well-being. Whether this is your first foray into considering mental health in the workplace or it’s been part of your playbook for years, you will find resources suited to your needs and interests. You will find in each section fact sheets, printable resources, checklists, drop-in articles, and more to help meet your needs. In this toolkit, you will learn how to:

  • Cultivate supportive people managers;
  • Develop an employee-driven mental health strategy;
  • Build an impactful mental health employee resource group;
  • Provide and educate employees about benefits and resources; and
  • Find creative ways to think beyond the norms of basic benefits.

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This toolkit is supported by contributions from Walgreens.

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