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Mental Health America Honors Three Governors for Commitment to Mental Health

Alexandria, VA – During the challenging times of a global pandemic, where …

Mental Health Needs in the U.S. Grew Dramatically in 2020

Alexandria, VA – Mental Health America today released the 2020 full-year data…

The Aftermath of the DC Riot: MHA Screening Captures Increase in the Percentages of People Citing “Current Events” As a Reason for their Mental Distress

Statement from Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO of Mental Health America

The mental health of the nation appears to have been demonstrably and negatively affected by…

Chiming In Blog

By Morgane Freeman, Marketer/Podcaster/Mental Health Advocate We all have an age in our heads when we know we will supposedly have our life together. That is the age when we will have the job we always wanted, the home of our dreams, the earth-shatter…

By Erlanger Turner, Ph.D., Executive Director, Therapy for Black Kids and Nekolas Milton, M.S., Doctoral Student at the University of San Francisco Historically, seeking therapy in the Black community has been a taboo subject. Due to more conversations…

By Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO Mental Health America (MHA) is celebrating its 112th birthday. There were times in our history when we could not have imagined getting to this day. But not only are we still here, we find ourselves emerging from one…