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Mental Health America announces new Young Mental Health Leaders Council

Alexandria, VA—Mental Health America (MHA) today is thrilled to announce our new Young Mental Health Leaders Council. Since 2017, MHA has identified young leaders ages 18-25 who have created programs and initiatives that fill gaps in…

Mental Health America releases first-ever guide for effective practices in workplace mental health, opens 2022-23 application period for mentally healthy workplace certification

Alexandria, VA (Sept. 13, 2022)—Mental Health America (MHA) today released its “Workplace Mental Health Toolkit: Creating a Culture of Support and Well-being,” a framework for…

New Survey Shows Negative Impacts of Prolonged Pandemic on Healthcare Workers’ Mental Health – More than 50% Questioning Career Path

OAKLAND, Calif. - A recent survey of roughly 5,000 frontline healthcare workers finds that more than two years of dealing with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing profound negative…

Chiming In Blog

Orientation is a newly hired employee’s first impression of an organization’s mission, values, and culture. The employee is often presented with a tedious checklist of documents to sign and policies to review. However, orientation is an important…

The conversation about mental health has increased in workplaces nationwide in recent years. However, mental health awareness alone is not enough to impact workers’ mental health outcomes. Organizations need to invest beyond awareness campaigns and…

With children going back to school, it is crucial parents and guardians support the mental and emotional well-being of youth as they continue to grow and learn. MHA recently hosted a webinar led by Mestisa Gass, program director for MHA of Hawaii, where…