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Mental Health America believes that it is essential that all aspects of mental health systems be reflective of the diversity of the communities that they serve and that mental health agencies strive to become and remain culturally and linguistically competent. A culturally and linguistically competent mental health system incorporates skills, attitudes, and policies to ensure that it is effectively addressing the needs of consumers and families with diverse values, beliefs, and sexual orientations, in addition to backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity, religion, and language.

Resolana - Voice of the People:
Addressing Access and Stigma in Tribual and Rural Communities

Mental Health America presented a webinar on December 16, 2010, that prominently featured the documentary "Resolana: Voice of the People."  Called "powerful" and "a real eye opener," the 28-minute documentary identifies barriers that exist when accessing behavioral health services (mental health and substance use) in rural and tribal communities in North Dakota.  Please view or download information about MHA of North Dakota's documentary and other resources from the webinar.

Position Statement