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Mental Health Month 2020 - Toolkit Download

These materials have been designed for desktop printing. If you need files that can be sent to a professional printer, please email Danielle Fritze, Vice President of Public Education and Design.

Full Toolkit 

Full Toolkit (PDF 27.7 MB)

Full Toolkit Zip (zip file - images included)

To unzip a folder, locate the zipped (or compressed) folder that you want to get the files from. You can either open the compressed folder and drag each item to a new location, OR you can right click the folder and select "Extract All.." and choose a location, like on your network or desktop.

Individual Items

Media Materials

Foreword/Introduction (PDF)

Outreach Ideas (PDF)

Key Messages (PDF)

Drop-In Article (PDF)

May is Mental Health Month Sample Proclamation (PDF)

Additional Resources (PDF)


Tools2Thrive: HANDOUT Creating Healthy Routines (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: HANDOUT Eliminating Toxic Influences (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: HANDOUT Finding the Positive After Loss (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: HANDOUT Owning Your Feelings (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: HANDOUT Supporting Others (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: HANDOUT Connecting with Others (PDF)

MHM 2020 POSTER Tools2Thrive (PDF) Meant to be printed 11 x 17 paper

MHM 2020 POSTER Screening (PDF) Meant to be printed 11 x 17 paper

Social Media Materials

Sample Social Media Posts (PDF)

Facebook Cover: Option 1 (PNG 1200 x 675 px)

Facebook Cover: Option 2 (PNG 1200 x 675 px)

Twitter Header: Option 1 (PNG 1500 x 500 px)

Twitter Header: Option  (PNG 1500 x 500 px)

Web Images (To download, right-click the image and select "Save Image As.")

General Screening Call to Action (PNG 500 x 500 px)

#MillionInMay Call to Action (PNG 500 x 500 px)

Pop Under (Horizontal) Web Banner: Option 1 (PNG 720 x 300 px)

Pop Under (Horizontal) Web Banner: Option 2 (PNG 720 x 300 px)

Wide Skyscraper (Vertical) Web Banner: Option 1 (PNG 160 x 600 px)

Wide Skyscraper (Vertical) Web Banner: Option 2 (PNG 160 x 600 px)

Bonus! (To Download, Right-Click the Image and Select "Save Image As.")

COVID-19 And Your Mental Health

(PNG 1275 x 4504 px)



 This campaign is supported by contributions from Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.