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January 12, 2021


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Early intervention is critical in both physical and mental health care, to reduce costs, improve quality of life for those in care, and achieve better clinical outcomes. As adults age, they are more likely to develop multiple chronic conditions, and early intervention and effective care management become even more important.

Mental Health America (MHA) released a new report today, “Creating Better Care for Adults with Comorbid Chronic Conditions,” which explores the experiences of adults with co-occurring physical and mental health conditions and provides recommendations for providers to address barriers to initiating treatment, improve patient engagement, and create better care.

From March-August 2020, MHA surveyed adults ages 35-65+ with co-occurring physical and mental health conditions about their first experiences in care, their current care experiences, and what they want to receive from their providers.

In addition to the report, MHA developed a tool for adults to use to help make decisions about when and how they would like to receive mental health care. Click here to download the worksheet.