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Youth resources for parents and caregivers

young child wearing glasses looks up while standing between and holding hands with two adults

Knowledge helps parents and caregivers identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues early on, and the earlier mental health concerns are addressed, the better the outcomes. We’ve gathered resources to help you foster mental well-being, get familiar with the issues young people are facing, recognize problems, have conversations, and understand treatment options.

General caregiving topics and resources

Being a parent or caregiver doesn’t come with a manual, but this information can help you navigate mental health along the way.

Talking to adolescents and teens

Knowing when to start a conversation about mental health and how to do it can be tough. We can help.

Starting the conversation

Time to talk

What to do and where to go

adult puts hand on the head of a teenager as teen sits with their head in their hands

Specific needs and issues

Learn more about how to help other people think of your child and child think about themselves in a more positive way.

How to teach your child body positivity

How do I convince people my kid isn't dangerous?

Mental health conditions

Find out more about the impact of genes on mental health.

Does my child have bipolar disorder?

Is bipolar genetic?

Is mental illness genetic?

youth sits with head resting on hand and looks upset

Grief and trauma

Bad things happen — learn how to help young people handle the tough stuff in life.

Talking to kids about fear and violence

When young people lose someone

Helping children cope with loss

Helping children cope with tragedy-related anxiety

youth sits with head in hands

Loneliness and stress

Learn how to recognize when your child might be feeling lonely or stressed, and how you can support them.

Is your child lonely?

Is your child stressed out?

youth stands alone against black background looking sad

Social media and youth

It's no secret social media impacts mental health. Find out how you can help your child create a healthy relationship with these platforms.

Social media and youth mental health

Social media cheat sheet

Resources for military families

Helping children navigate life in a military family can be hard — this information can help.

Reconnecting with your children

Helping children deal with deployment