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Youth perspective: Don't ignore the feelings of young people

My name is Breanna Kennedy, and my mental health journey has been the most harrowing, yet empowering experience in my life. I was 11 years old when I had my first suicidal thought. I was 12 years old when I tried to kill myself the first time. I was…Read More

8 ways for adults to model social emotional learning at home

With children going back to school, it is crucial parents and guardians support the mental and emotional well-being of youth as they continue to grow and learn. MHA recently hosted a…Read More

Getting leaders to listen: 5 actions to build the workplace mental health case

In recent years, many organizational leaders have increasingly prioritized workplace mental health. However, 4 in 5 workers still report untenable rates of stress, burnout, and mental health concerns, according to MHA’s…Read More

6 ways employers responded to worker wellness needs in 2022

The conversation about mental health has increased in workplaces nationwide in recent years. However, mental health awareness alone is not enough to impact workers’ mental health outcomes. Organizations need to invest beyond awareness campaigns and…Read More

Faith and healing: Tying prayer to your mental health journey

An individual’s faith and religion need not be isolated from their mental health journey and recovery. While researchers continue to study the pros and cons of religion on mental health, we know of some mental health positives from faith and spiritual…Read More

Where do I fit in? BIPOC youth share 6 ways to feel connected

A perk of adulthood is seeing the past in a different light. Maybe you thought your hobbies and likes were odd as a child but found others with the same interests as you got older – realizing that you were perfectly normal all along, just around peers…Read More