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The guilty party: Coping with toxic guilt as a South Asian American

Guilt is a feeling that runs through the very social fabric of South Asian culture. Guilt at its core is a natural and healthy emotion that all humans experience. It comes from a sense of responsibility related to our actions, and it helps us relate to…Read More

MHA announces new Youth Policy Accelerator

Since launching the Young Leaders Council in 2017, Mental Health America (MHA) has worked with young leaders transforming their communities and demanding change across the country. Now, we are expanding our initiatives to advance youth leadership in…Read More

Growing up in recovery: 3 peer programs that fill support gaps for young people

Adolescence is supposed to be a time of carefree exploration of the world around us. In a perfect reality, teenagers should be worried about extracurriculars and college applications. Unfortunately, the environment our teenagers have inherited is…Read More

Youth mental health: The impacts of pressures and stigma

Being a student in the 21st century requires modern skills and coping mechanisms. We have constant access to quick communication and information, which schools don’t prepare them for, making it hard to navigate the boundaries between the digital and…Read More

A distorted mirror: What caregivers need to know about tech and youth body image

I remember as a teen when I had to stare at my own and others' bodies in a mirror during ballet class for hours on end, day after day. That space is where I learned to feel ashamed of my body as I critiqued and compared myself to the people physically…Read More