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person waves rainbow LGBTQ+ pride flag
by B. Burke, Public Education Content Manager for Mental Health America

From anti-LGBTQ+ legislation to identity-based violence, the LGBTQ+ community has experienced significant trauma over the past few years. This Pride Month, it is important to acknowledge the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community has faced, while also celebrating moments of joy and positive news. Here are 10 pieces of good news for the LGBTQ+ community to start your Pride Month off with a smile:


1. In countries around the world, legislation was passed in 2023 to make places safer for LGBTQ+ individuals. This includes marriage equality, adoption rights, legal gender recognition for transgender individuals, and more.

2. President Biden’s Pro-LGBTQ+ timeline demonstrates the actions the White House has already taken and will take to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people. These include addressing transphobic violence and creating a safer future for LGBTQ+ young people.

3. Many states have recently passed laws to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people, including Maine, Michigan, and Arizona. More recent anti-LGBTQ+ bills are failing. For example, in Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, and West Virginia, almost every anti-LGBTQ+ measure was defeated this year.

Arts and Media

4. Almost 200 young adult books with queer characters were published in 2023. LGBTQ+ book sales have risen significantly over the course of the past few years.

5. Eight LGBTQ+ activists and artists made it on Time’s “most influential” list in 2024, including transgender actor Elliot Page.

6. Jeopardy! champion Amy Schnieder made history as the first openly transgender contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

Youth Advocacy

7. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services proposed a new rule that would ensure LGBTQ+ youth in foster care would be placed in an affirming home.

8. The Trevor Project’s new poll illustrates high support among parents for transgender and non-binary youth. For example, the poll found that 69% of adults would honor their child’s chosen name and pronouns if they were to come out as transgender or non-binary.


9. In 2023, coach Kevin Maxen of the Jacksonville Jaguars was the first NFL coach to come out as openly gay. This representation paves the way for other LGBTQ+ coaches and athletes.

10. The NHL reversed its ban on pride tape, stating that players could show their support for social causes on the ice.