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LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resource Center

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Being LGBTQ+ isn’t a mental illness. However, many LGBTQ+ people experience mental health struggles linked to societal stigma, discrimination, and denial of their civil and human rights.

If you’re just starting to learn about the LGBTQ+ community, you might be unfamiliar with some of the language used surrounding sexuality and gender - the Human Rights Campaign’s Glossary of Terms can clarify new-to-you words as you explore this topic.

Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community

Most LGBTQ+ individuals are incredibly resilient and will thrive in the face of adversity with the help of supportive families, communities, and peers.

Learn more about LGBTQ+ mental health

Pride and Joy

Pride Month is a time for LGBTQ+ folks to gather and celebrate their freedom to live authentically.

Visit MHA Pride resources
The meaning of justice, pride, & connection
LGBTQ+ Peers deserve to feel pride too
Guarding your joy

Transgender Mental Health Resource Center

Being trans, nonbinary, or questioning your gender isn't a mental illness — but the trans community does experience higher rates of mental health conditions and challenges than any other LGBTQ+ identity group.

Visit the Transgender Resource Center

Support and mental health care

I'm looking for professional help

Finding affirming mental health care
How do I find LGBTQ+ friendly therapy?
Questions to help QTBIPOC find affirming care
How can I get help without my family knowing?
Will my therapist understand my needs?

I don't have access to professional help...what can I do?

Engaging LGBTQ+ youth in safe online spaces
Finding peer support

I'm a provider for LGBTQ+ individuals

Increasing cultural competency in mental health care settings
Under reporting of suicide attempts in gender non-conforming individuals

Questioning and coming out


Coming out guides
Coming out in adulthood: Combating imposter syndrome
Coming out in adulthood: Telling your straight spouse
Bisexuality & mental health
Asexuality & mental health

Gender identity

Transgender Resource Center
Exploring & affirming your gender identity
Gender identity: support from exploration to transition

LGBTQ+ Youth

Resources for young LGBTQ+ individuals and the people who support them.

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I'm LGBTQ+ and a young person

Bullying: LGBTQ+ youth
Resources for LGBTQ+ youth
Young Mental Health Leaders series: LGBTQ+ youth mental health
Coming out guides
Q Chat Space for LGBTQ+ youth

I want to better support an LGBTQ+ young person

Resources for educators
Affirming your loved one's gender identity
Supporting LGBTQ+ youth in our communities
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Intersecting Identities

Intersecting identities
Coming out guides