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In Support of Recovery-Based Systems Transformation

Integration of Mental and General Health Care

Parity in Health Insurance

Addressing the Health- Related Social Needs of People with Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

Promotion of Mental Wellness

Cultural and Linguistic Competency in Mental Health Systems

Rights of People with Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

Involuntary Mental Health Treatment

Psychiatric Advance Directives

Seclusion and Restraints

Development of Employment Services for Adults in Recovery from Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

Access to Medications

Substance Use Disorders

Self-Determination Initiatives

Peer Support Services

Supportive Housing and Housing First

Early Identification of Mental Health Issues in Young People

Services For Children With Mental Health Conditions And Their Families

The Federal Role in Services that Address the Health and Wellness of Children, Youth, and Families

Residential Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Serious Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

Discipline and Positive Behavior Support in Schools

Promotion of Mental Health during Early Childhood

Custody Relinquishment and Funding for Care and Treatment of Children

Prevention of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Young People

Perinatal Mental Health

Children With Emotional Disorders In The Juvenile Justice System

In Support of Maximum Diversion of Persons with Serious Mental Illness from the Criminal Justice System

Death Penalty and People with Mental Illnesses

Confining Sexual Predators in the Mental Health System

Mental Health Treatment in Correctional Facilities

In Support of the Insanity Defense

Life Without Parole for Juvenile Offenders

Responding to Behavioral Health Crises

Violence: Community Mental Health Response

College and University Response to Mental Health Crises

Addressing The Youth Mental Health Crisis: The Urgent Need For More Education, Services, And Supports

Social Drivers of Mental Health