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By Jennifer Cheang, Director of Digital Marketing at Mental Health America

The mental health effects of what is needed as a nation to slow the spread of COVID-19 – social distancing, isolation, extreme precaution when running necessary errands, etc. – could cause a crisis that stretches beyond the ebb and flow of the virus.

We asked our community what they’re doing to cope with the social distancing and isolation required to slow the spread of COVID-19.

How are you coping with the current situation with COVID-19?

  1. “Conveniently picked up cross stitching right before COVID-19.”
  2. “Taking life literally one action at a time. I cannot do all things, but I can do what is right in front of me right now.”
  3. “Exercising”
  4. “Maintaining a schedule, particularly with before and after work. taking time to eat breakfast and wake up before getting on my laptop and taking an hour or so after work to decompress alone. didn't realize how much I used my commute as time for myself to zone out”
  5. “FaceTiming with kids and granddaughters.”
  6. “Playing my accordion”
  7. “I’ve been printing off pictures and replacing our family ones until someone sees.”
  8. “Listening to podcasts and painting”
  9. “Spending time with people I care about (and my pets)”
  10. “Bullet journaling, Netflix, reading, online school :/”
  11. “Online classes, family time, Netflix, crocheting, Facetime friends, resting, and crafts.”
  12. “Painting; keeping in touch w loved ones; watching Spanish Netflix shows w/o subtitles”
  13. “Barely surviving”
  14. “Dancing”
  15. “Listening to Avicii”
  16. “I rarely get bored. There’s too much good in the world to get bored.”
  17. “I’m busier than ever working from home. Would love a little boredom right now. :/”
  18. “Too many video games.”
  19. “Created a routine for myself.”
  20. “Resting and recharging.”
  21. “I’m not…”
  22. “Work, movies, learning new programming language, exercise, cooking, and sleeping.”
  23. “Home cleaning and reorganizing as well as calling/texting family and friends, reading.”
  24. “Terrible, it’s the 2nd worst thing in my life I have to deal with!!”
  25. “We at the office have decided to write down a new routine while WFH (with breaks! Lol!)”
  26. “I’m still working”
  27. “Still working full time; so not too much change, however no Y[MCA] and no physical church.”
  28. “Writing. It’s been a long time since I have but it makes me feel good about myself. Also reading and [YouTube].
  29. “Writing, finding new things to watch, and Duolingo!”
  30. “Doodling and binge watching my favorite Youtubers.”
  31. “When I was working, I had no time for myself. Now I am just enjoying.”
  32. “Reading books, listening to music, and watching LGBTQ+ Tik Toks.”
  33. “Working on my continuing education units for my certification!”
  34. “Drawing and writing down things I have to get done.”
  35. “Trying to make a schedule (and stick with it!) to keep me active and creative!”
  36. “Art hour!”
  37. “Crying a lot and journaling”
  38. “Loving on my fur babies”
  39. “Reading and cleaning”
  40. “Struggling”
  41. “Building a new routine”
  42. “Not well”
  43. “Cleaning, drawing/painting, meditating, healing my mind, body, and heart! Positivity!!”
  44. “Exercising everyday”
  45. “Naps”
  46. “Listening to music, drawing, painting, all during my free time because I have school :/”
  47. “By creating an at home routine almost as similar as my day-to-day routine!”
  48. “Sleeping the days away”
  49. “Reading!”
  50. “I’m not feeling bored because my toxic thoughts are keeping my company.”
  51. “Playing games, video chats with friends, [Instagram] memes, reading novels (online and offline).”
  52. “Video games”
  53. “TikTok”
  54. “Learning a new language”
  55. “I’ve just been reading a lot. It helps to distract me from all the craziness going on.”

MHA continues to offer free mental health screenings and COVID-19 resources on our website. We are updating our resources daily. Please use and share them freely, because worry that transforms to anxiety is unhealthy. And even as the wave of illness overtakes us, help us start the process of healing.