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March 6th, 2020—I will remember that day for many years to come. 

For multiracial people, imposter syndrome goes deeper than our ability to compete with others in skills or knowledge.

The recent disappearance and murder of Private First Class Vanessa Guillen from Fort Hood has once again shone a light on an ongoing crisis in the military.

In today’s “deinstitutionalized” world, prisons and jails function as makeshift asylums with the shared goal of containing and segregating Black and Brown disabled communities from the rest of…

As a Christian, I find comfort in prayer and the power of my faith. As a Black woman thriving with a mental illness, I know that “faith without works is dead.”

We should reconsider how we think, discuss, and implement resilient strategies.

The pain is palpable. It feels heavy. Sometimes it feels like I can’t breathe.

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