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By Kelly Davis (Mental Health America), Mark Salzer (Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion), Amey Dettmer, Ryan Tempesco, and Matthew Federici, (Doors to Wellbeing)

Mental Health America, Doors to Wellbeing, and the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion want to learn more about campus peer support programs across the US!

Peer support is essential to promote student well-being in higher education. Student leaders across the country are taking the lead in starting and sustaining peer support organizations to create more inclusive and accessible environments on their campuses. Through our new Peer Support in Higher Education Survey, we aim to better understand the current landscape of peer support programs on campuses and explore the strengths and challenges of student organizations.

Through this survey, we will:

  • Document the availability of peer support in higher education
  • Identify the needs and experiences of students leading and accessing peer support programs
  • Develop a national database of college peer support programs

Complete the survey here.

The survey closes on October 15, 2021.